Sunday, February 26, 2012

7.5 Weeks Until Last Frost

The lettuce, kale and cauliflower seedlings are now on the unheated sun porch for the first phase of hardening off. 
The night time temperature are still dipping below freezing some nights, but there's a glimmer of hope in the 10 day forecast. I'm watching the temperatures closely because it's almost time to put the seedlings outside.

I ordered row covers last week that will hopefully keep the seedlings happy once they've been transplanted. Once they arrive I'll harden the plants off under the covers.

The plants are getting pretty big. I need to plant some more lettuce seeds this week so there will be an uninterrupted supply. 
The onions are went the porch today for the first time to harden off as well.

But the most exciting part of my weekend was: Planting the tomato seeds!

I'm trying some new varieties this year. I'm also trying Tomatillos because we love salsa in this house and also Ground Cherries (which I've never had but sound interesting).
I'm starting a few extra seeds in case some don't germinate or they have trouble after transplanting.

Seeds Planted 2/26/2012

4 Tomato Better Bush (for containers)
2 Tomato Black Krim
4 Tomato Principle Borgese (growing for sun dried tomatoes)
6 Tomato Roma (not sure where I'm putting these but love them for canning)
4 Tomatillo Verde
3 Ground Cherry (also called husk tomato)
3 Basil Mammoth 
3 Dill Dukat Leafy
3 Swiss Chard Ruby Red
2 Cabbage Early Jersey Wakefield
2 Swiss Chard Large Ribbed Dark Green
2 Cabbage Cover De Boeuf Des Vertus

Later in the week I will be planting Coleus and Petunias. It feels a little early for these but the packets say 8 weeks before last frost so I'll give it a try.

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  1. seedlings look wonderful! definitely ready to go into the ground. At least it looks like you're above freezing for now (we're still in 20's at night with snow on the ground) so hope you'll be able to get spring planting soon.