Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Community Garden Plot

For several months I've been trying to find a community garden plot to supplement the home vegetable garden. I had all but given up after many unanswered e-mails and strange garden locations. One garden was next to a meat packing plant and the chemical and other who knows what smell was unbearable. I couldn't imagine wanting to be there in the heat of the summer.

On Sunday my Mom and I were driving to the movies and we passed a field behind a church. In the distance I could see the fences that to me screamed community garden! I went home and searched online and found out some basic information. I was very happy to learn that there were available plots! And maybe the best part is that it's only 5 minutes drive from my house.

Today I sent in my plot fee for the garden. The plots are approximately 20X20'. I'll be able to keep the same plot each year, which means I can keep my fencing up and grow perennials. I've only seen the garden from far away so far. This weekend I may take a closer look if the weather holds up. The plot assignment will happen in a few weeks. I plan to grow mostly fruit and veggies for preserving and storage in the plot.

I took the photo above on my way to work. I noticed that some people have really high deer fencing. There are tons of hungry deer in this area so I'll have to do some research into how high my fence will need to be.


  1. way to go on the community garden! We don't have anything like that here. Plan at least 6feet high fencing because anything below will not stop deer! As much as I'd love to see "pretty' fencing on my garden it's just not realistic. :(

  2. Jenny- I'm so excited to get started! Thanks for the info about the fence. There are no deer in my backyard so this will be new to me.