Saturday, March 3, 2012

Planting the Raised Bed and Irises Blooming

After it stopped raining this morning the sun decided to come out. I looked out the kitchen window and look what I saw:

I'm going to guess that these are up a couple of weeks early because of the mild winter. But I have no idea because they were only planted in the fall. This area gets sun in the spring, I have a bunch more under the oak tree and they don't even have buds yet. 

I took this as a sign that it was time to plant the first raised bed. The seedlings were hardened off this week so they were more than ready to go into the ground.

Some of the spinach still looked too small to plant, and I ran out of space anyway. 
After planting, they went back under the row cover as temperatures here are still dipping in the low 30's at night.

After a trip to the farmers market and the garden center (for more carrot seeds and compost), I started to build 3 more raised beds. 2 4'X8' and1 4X4'.  I got them almost finished but it started to get dark. I'll try to get some pictures to post of them tomorrow. I'm in a rush to get at least 2 in place by next weekend so I can plant peas. The broccoli and cauliflower will also go in the new beds because they'll be in an area that gets more sun.

I also planted some more seeds today:
6 Marigold Scarlet
6 Marigold Burpee's Best
6 Basil Genovese
6 Bok Choy
6 Napa Cabbage
4 Catmint
2 sage
4 More Roma Tomatoes

All of last weeks planted seeds germinated nicely. The pepper plants that were planted 2 weeks ago are getting their second set of leaves.


  1. Looks awesome! I haven't tried the hoops or the covers yet but I think it's time to visit local garden supply :)

  2. I almost got some Napa cabbage. You'll have to tell us how it develops.

  3. WOW, it all looks great :)

  4. Jenny: I used pvc plumbing pipe from the hardware store. The larger pipe that's attached to the bed is 1" pipe. The smaller bent pipe is 1/2". It was really easy to set up.
    I've also seen some wire hoops at the garden center.

    KeriAnne: Oh no, what happened to your cabbage?! Is Napa hard to grow? This is my first time growing it.

    Vera: Thanks!!