Sunday, June 10, 2012

2nd Garden Plot

I'm expanding my community garden growing area to include a second plot. We're in the second week of June and the gardener's on either side of me haven't started gardening. I mentioned that I was interested in more space if it became available. This week I was told I could use one of the plots next to my currant one. 

Here is my new plot! You can see that the grass and weeds were starting to take over:

I wanted to pull as many weeds as possible while the ground was still moist from all of the rain that we've been getting. I've noticed that the soil gets pretty hard when it dries out. Some of the weeds were vines and thistle, so I'm going back and breaking up the soil with a fork to remove all of the white roots. My first plot is the one you see on the right. That's my mom you see in the plot helping me weed the beds. She's been such a great help.

It's much more difficult to put up fencing now that the weather is getting hot. We managed to get up the front and side fence. I'm going to take down the fence in between my plots and reuse it in the back of plot 2.

The picture above is after 2 days of weeding. I'm going over to the garden this morning to pull up the rest.

Having 2 plots will be the perfect amount of space for my needs. I want to be able to rotate crops and also have room for fruit and asparagus.
The total size of the plots combined is approximately 40'X24'.


  1. Looks great! Using the fence in the middle for the back will save some money.....even though it will be more work.

    That's a good size space. I'm sure you will have fun planning out where you are going to put the asparagus and fruit.

    1. I really do need to save some money. I've already spent more that I had planned. If I don't reuse the middle fence I'll have to buy a whole new roll of fencing and only use half of it. I'm not looking forward to digging the trench for the rabbit fence in the heat :)

      I love planning, I have 3 different layouts already in my head, I just need to decide which one to go with!