Sunday, June 10, 2012

Community Garden Plot in Early June

The plants are growing nicely at the plot. We've had so much rain lately that I haven't had to water the plot until today.

The eggplants were being eaten by flea beetles so I covered them with a row cover until they started to flower. Now they are uncovered and doing much better.

The bush beans were planted 2 weeks ago and now need to be thinned out.

The pole beans and butternut squash:

Ground cherries are forming:

And so are the Tomatillos:

The Roma Tomatoes:

The Better Bush, Principle Borghese and Black Krim all have baby tomatoes growing on them.

Watermellons and Pumpkins are growing fast:

Watermellon flowers:

The biggest pest in the garden so far has been cucumber beetles. I've been picking them off of plants every day. I've also seen some squash bugs, but the funny thing is that i haven't found any eggs.

I want to add row covers to some of the plants and I need to order some beneficial nematodes to kill any pests that are in the soil. 


  1. The garden looks very happy and healthy! I think you are a couple of weeks ahead of me, with the exception of melons and squash. I direct sowed them, so they have awhile to go.

    Keep up the good work and stay cool today!

    1. Thanks :) I had to come home for a few hours for was so hot out there! I may go back later when the sun is going down.

  2. Your garden looks wonderful. I have never used the colored plastic you notice much of difference in production? Everything looks great!

    1. This is my first year using the red mulch, but it does seem to attract the bees. The main drawback so far is that it doesn't work to block the weeds as well as black plastic would. Right now there are weeds growing under the plastic and I have to keep lifting it up to weed under it. I think it would work better in my raised beds at home where weeds are less of a problem.

  3. everything looks so green and healthy! love how big everything got so fast.

    1. I can't wait to taste my first tomato! :)