Sunday, April 8, 2012

Figs and Blooming Update

Mr. Figgly the fig tree got his first leaves this week. We brought him back onto the sun porch because of the freeze warnings this week. Yesterday when I went to check on him I noticed 3 tiny figs forming!

In the veggie garden everything is growing nicely. It was nice enough outside yesterday that I took the row covers off and let everything breath for a few hours. Below is one of the Napa cabbages.

The radishes are starting to form:

The shade garden is so colorful right now, some of the hostas, ferns and other perennials are coming up. I added some compost around each plant to give them an extra boost.

The purple azaleas are blooming!

I'm still waiting to get started on the Community garden plot. Hopefully it will be marked this week and I can start to put up my fencing. Some of the seedlings in the basement are getting big and need to get into the ground soon.

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