Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I Couldn't Wait to Harvest!

Today I harvested my first vegetables from the garden: Spinach, Radishes and Pak Choy!!

I made the pak choy into a stir fry with the spinach and added the radishes to a salad.

These were the only 3 radishes that were ready to harvest. I think more will be ready this weekend.
At planting time I planted carrots between the radishes, so I had to carefully pull them out without disturbing the carrot seedlings.

This was the largest pak choy. The others seem to be about a week behind.

The peas grew several inches today and are starting to reach for the bird netting. I'll need to remove it soon and take my chances that the squirrels and birds don't start digging.

The Napa Cabbage heads are forming:

These Swiss Chard plants were started and transplanted weeks after the ones in the other bed and they're twice as tall. They were almost lost in the overnight  freeze that we got but have fully recovered.  I'll have to remember to plant them in this sunny area next year.

I almost gave up on the onions I grew from seeds. They were so tiny I never thought they would grow. They were hardened off early under the row covers, but were showing signs of stress with all of the strange weather we've been having. I put them in the sunniest edge of the bed, right next to the driveway. They are looking fantastic now and have almost caught up to the size of the leek starts I purchased.
In front of the onions are the beet seedlings. They didn't all germinate, but I think I'll have enough anyway.

Today is the average last frost date for our area. Although I know that its too early to be planting summer squash I did it anyway. I know its a risk but I'm on an experimental mission this year, determined to grow summer squash and zucchini and defeat the dreaded squash vine borer. I will post more about my plan for this later. But part of the plan is to plant a crop early before they emerge and then have back up seedling ready to replace the early planting if there's a frost or the borers attack. I'll cover the plants with a row cover on cold nights and will be applying insecticidal soap weekly to the vine.