Friday, March 9, 2012

Carrot Frustration and No More Room Under the Lights

All but 3 of the seeds I planted last weekend have germinated, it's getting crowded under the lights again!
My big frustration is the carrots that I planted 2 weeks ago in the pot to the right. The seedlings that have come up are really weak looking. I may have to start over with this one. I read about a method of starting carrot seeds in gel, I think I may give it a try this weekend. If that doesn't work the carrots will be direct sewn in the garden.

I potted up the peppers and parsley this week and they're growing strong.

Here's a picture of the tomatoes, tomatillos, ground cherries and herbs:
 I was happy to see that all of the ground cherry seeds sprouted, but the seedlings are really tiny.

...and here are the pansies. The are small and growing very slowly. I think next year I'll start them earlier. 

So far this year I've not had any problems with dampening off. I've been extra careful not to over water and it seems to be working.


  1. It's amazing how quickly we run out of space under the lights! Everything looks great!

  2. Beautiful! they all look so nice and healthy green!

  3. Your seedlings are coming along quite nicely. I do tend to water too much and have to watch that. Have you ever started celery? This is my second year and still it does not look good. Perhaps it's too much water!
    Have a great weekend. Those raised beds look great too!

  4. :) I was hoping to plant some more lettuce this week, but it looks like it will have to be direct sewn for lack of room!

    Lorie- I haven't tried celery yet. I probably will next year because I like to make and freeze vegetable and chicken stock to use throughout the year.
    The trick for me has been to check on the seedlings first thing in the morning and then again at night. I wait for the soil to look dry on top- it changes to a lighter shade of brown. Then I only bottom water the seedlings. Other years I worried if the soil got too dry the seedling would die and everything was kept too moist. Good luck with your celery and I hope you have a great weekend too!

  5. I've heard that the best time to plant pansies is in the late fall. If you get snow - even better. They grow like crazy under the snow. Then they are even better when Spring hits. The owner of a local green house told me that the first thing carrots grow is a microscopic root that goes 4 to 5 feet into the ground. It may just be that the particular type of carrot you are growing really wants that 4-5 foot growth. Your peppers look amazing! I just planted mine and it will be a little while before I even see a sprout.

    1. I have a feeling these pansies will be ready in time for the fall hanging baskets lol! I'll have to remember to plant them in the garden next fall. I haven't grown many flowers from seed before so its all a learning experience for me. I think maybe I'll try another type of carrot in a different pot this weekend, thanks for the tip :)

  6. Everything looks like it's doing super. I am so looking forward to getting our kitchen back in order so I can do things like this. Amazing how one house project can upset one's entire life. :)