Thursday, March 15, 2012

Repotting the Fig Tree

Since the weather has been so nice I've been trying to take advantage of the extra hour of daylight when I get home from work at night.

So last night I decided to transplant Mr. Figgly into a larger pot.

I chose the largest pot that I have that when full 2 people can easily lift. This fig tree will be stored on the sun porch or the garage during the winter so it needs to be able to be moved.

The bottom of the pot was filled with organic potting mix. I mixed in about an inch of compost and a handful of lime. Fig trees when planted in the ground benefit from the addition of lime in the soil. I've also read that you can use limestone chips as mulch and when you water the tree the lime goes into the soil. 

I added the tree, surrounded it with more potting mix and then watered it well.

I'm hoping Mr. Figgly will enjoy the new pot and produce lots of delicious figs this year.
Since I had the potting mix out I decided to also transplant my chive plant into a larger pot. 

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