Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First of day of Spring

Today Spring is officially here and thanks to the great weather I've been able to get a jump start on the list of projects that need to get done before the summer.

But before I get to all of that here are a couple pictures of flowers that opened up in the shade garden today:

I have a long to do list that I really would like to complete. This includes a variety of projects, some are garden related and others are not. I have so many interests it’s hard to keep track of projects. Last year I turned the garage into and Art studio and I need to finish the exterior trim and add an air conditioner before the weather gets too hot.

I’m including on the list some goals that I’ve already finished (crossed out if done.)

To be completed before the summer:

-Start and plant early spring crops 
-Find a community garden plot
-Purchase and transplant fig tree
-Build 6 raised beds on the side of the garage and driveway (4 completed)
-Learn to make 3 types of cheese (2 completed- posting about this tomorrow!)
-Construct fence extension next to driveway
-Reshape the flower bed in the front yard, add stone border
-Plant hanging baskets with pansies
-Mulch the garden walkways
-Clear community garden plot and mark out placement of beds
-Fence off community garden plot
-Plant Blueberries
-Plant Blackberries
-Paint Garage/Studio exterior
-Install Studio AC Unit
-Touch up porch paint
-Take inventory of the canned goods in the basement and decide what to preserve for the winter.

Here's to a productive growing season! Happy Spring.


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  2. Wow that is a long to do list! Nice photos of the Spring flowers. Happy First Day of Spring!

    1. Its always a mad scramble for me in the spring, because when the summer heat sets in I just want to sit on the deck with a cold drink and not be bothered with moving LOL

  3. I think your list will keep you very busy! Everything looks great! You are way ahead of me with your seedlings. I put everything off a bit due to the garden move. The seedlings get big so fast and can be a lot to tend to.

    Happy Spring!

    1. And list doesn't include all of the projects JR has planned: building a firepit, grilling patio, dry creek bed in the shade garden- I'm sure I'll be involved in these as well. It will be a very busy Spring!
      I always seem to get over eager and start seeds too early. I did hold off on the bulk of my tomatoes until I found out about the plot. So I expect there to be enough room under the lights by the time they need to be repotted.