Monday, March 12, 2012

Second and Third Raised Beds

All of Sunday was spent removing grass and setting up the 2nd, 3rd and 4th raised beds. I ran out of soil mix so only 2 of them got finished by the end of the day. 

The smallest bed was planted with the broccoli and cauliflower seedlings.

After work today I added the hoops and planted peas in the larger bed.

The walkways are a bit of a mud pit right now. This weekend I hope to add a weed barrier and some wood chips. 

Peas Planted:
Pea Little Marvel
Snow Peas Sugar Ann
Pea Dark Seeded Early Hybrid

I also started some more Roma tomatoes that will be planted in my community garden plot.


  1. Garden looks great. I love the look of the SFG. Instead of weed cloth try layers of news paper and wet it down before adding the wood chips. A good 2 to 3 inch of chips should do it. It will kill off the grass. I find the weeds will grow right on the weed cloth. :-( Just a thought :-)

  2. Looking really good. Or, instead of newspapers, try cardboard. (I had the same problem as Liisa with landscape cloth).

  3. I have also used cardboard and it works great as long as it does not dry out and lose contact with the soil which is the key to smothering out the weeds.

  4. Thank you for the comments about the weed barrier. I used cardboard under the beds, but was thinking I needed something more heavy duty for the paths. I'll take the free option any day, especially if it works better! ;) I can get cardboard boxes at work.

  5. very nice looking beds :) did you purchase hoops that were ready for garden or did you have them bend?

    1. I bought the pipe for the hoops at home depot. You can find them in the plumbing section. The hoops are 1/2" pvc plumbing pipe that comes straight but bends easily intop a curve.
      I attached some shorter lengths of 1" pipe to the inside of the bed using 1" galvanized pipe clips (also sold in the plumbing section.)
      The 1/2" pipe fits inside the 1" pipe holding it in place and making the hoop. The pipe comes in 10 foot sections. I found that 8 foot pieces were a nice size hoop for a 4 foot wide bed. So I had them cut them to 8 foot lengths at the store (no charge) and this also helped fit them into my car ;) each pipe only costs $1.68 and the 2" gavanized "pipe clips" or brackets were $2.72 for a bag of 10! :-)

    2. Sorry I mistyped above: I meant the 1" pipe clips were $2.72 NOT 2" oops!!

      Oh and I forgot to mention: I used the 1" pipe so that the hoops could be removed once the weather warms up. You can also attach the 1/2" pipe dirrectly to the bed (If I remember right I think I saw that Liisa does this on her beds). This would be better if you want to leave the hoops up year round.

    3. Thank you! I have a new project for my hubby now :)