Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Raised Bed Progress

Just a quick post today. I wanted to post a progress image of the 2 larger raised beds that I made last weekend.

The raised beds are only half way finished, I still need to add the top row of boards. It will be added on after the beds are in place.  If I put them on now we'd need more than 2 people to move them! These beds are 4'X8'X11"
I also made a 4'X4'X11" bed that's completed and inside the garage.
I made these beds taller because of the questionable soil next to the garage. Also I plan to grow veggies that have larger root systems in these beds so I need the depth.

The temperature is supposed to reach 61F today, and 68F tomorrow! It's supposed to be a little colder, but sunny this weekend so (fingers crossed) I can move the beds and fill them with soil this weekend. If all goes smoothly maybe I can plant some peas.

I also I moved Mr. Figgly the fig tree onto the deck to get some sun this morning. I hope to plant him in the pot to the left on Saturday.


  1. Very impressive. What type of wood did you use?

  2. I used untreated fir. I know that cedar lasts much longer and I'll have to replace it it a couple of years. But I didn't have the money to spend on cedar in the budget this year. The untreated fir beds in my last house lasted 5-6 years, so if these last that long or even a little less I'll be happy ;)

  3. Looking good! This weather is great! I wish our new plots were ready. They did start tilling the new site this morning. Hopefully they finished.

    Any news and decisions on the plots??

  4. Robin- Yes it was so nice when I got home from work I fired up the grill for the first time this year :)

    Oh how exciting, I look forward to your posts about your new plot!

    It was a very hard decision, but I went with the closer/ larger church plot. This weekend I visited both sites again. I tried to picture myself tending 3 gardens at the same time and it just seemed like too much LOL! If I like the it I can maybe get a second plot at the church next year.

  5. looks awesome! can't wait to see your garden fully populated :)