Monday, March 26, 2012

Frost Warning Tonight and Seedlings

Tonight the temperature is supposed to drop to 28 degrees F.
Even though I know most of the seedling in the garden should be able to survive a frost I'm a little worried because of the recent warm weather. I brought the hanging baskets, container plantings and the fig tree inside for the night. I also covered all but 1 of the raised beds with a row cover.

In the basement the tomato plants and tomatillos are taking off.

I think the tomatillos have grown an inch a day this week. 

I decided it was time to buy a 3rd light. Now that I'm also growing plants for the community garden I'm going to need the space.

The rest of the flower seeds will be started soon. The marigold seedlings are making nice progress.

I knew the warm weather was not likely to last. Hopefully the little seedlings outside are well protected and will make it through the night. 

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  1. Thanks--covered my plants in the raised vegetable garden just in case. I would hate to loose them because they are doing so well.